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  • For Visa Applicants
  • How to Pay
  • 2010 Rates
  1. For immigrant Visa applicants, an Embassy aide will give you a copy of the Shipping Information Form (SIF) upon inspection of your papers before your actual interview. For Non-Immigrant Visa Applicants, an Air21 representative will provide you a copy of the SIF after your actual interview. (If your interview was arranged by a manning agency or trade consultant, you'll receive the Shipping Information Form from the agency or consultant.) You can also download the Shipping Information Form here.
  2. The Consul will inform you of your application's status. Once your visa has been approved, take note of the following steps:
    • For non-immigrant visa applicants, you will need to head to the AIR21 booth in the Embassy Pavilion and AIR21 agents will guide you through the process.
    • For immigrant visa holders, head to the AIR21 Immigrant Visa booth inside the Embassy.
    • For seafarers or those under a manning agency, kindly drop off your Shipping Information Form in the AIR21 box on your way out.
    • For those who failed to proceed to the AIR21 booth or to drop their Shipping Information Form, kindly send your scanned Shipping Information Form at
  1. Off site
    In some situations, the Consul might ask an applicant to present further documents, which temporarily places your application on hold. Once approved, however, you need not head back to the Embassy to pay. Call +63.2.879.4747 and let our AIR21 Customer Service Representatives guide you into an easy pick-up and delivery process.

You may also drop off your documents at authorized Mail & More Ship Centers located at convenient areas near you. Click here for a complete list of Mail & More Centers.

New Delivery Rates effective February 1, 2010

Click here for the rates.

Air21 US Embassy Help Center

Air21 US Embassy Hotline
+63 2 879-4747

AIR21 is now the courier partner of the US Embassy in Manila, Philippines.

All approved visa applicants and American citizens will have their document requests sent directly to their homes or to an address of their choice.

Other Customer Service Hotlines
Metro Manila: +63 2 854-2100
Clark: +63 45 599-2800
Subic: +63 47 252-7575
Cebu: +63 32 341-2121